Tyzen is a brand of Mind Body Pro, Inc, founded in 2009 by Tysan Lerner. As the culmination of Tysan’s two decades of studying the body (not to mention two decades mastering her own body as a professional dancer), Tyzen offers a cutting-edge online health and fitness solution for busy entrepreneurs, creatives, and highly-motivated people, like you!

With the combined experience of Tysan’s business partners…

Zenon Dolnyckyj, a former martial artist and highly-sought after NYC personal trainer (as well as Tysan’s husband); AND

Kate Vereshaka, a long-time marketer with a passion for holistic nutrition, natural farming, and traditional wisdom…

Tyzen focuses on the complete picture of what it takes for you to be healthy and balanced: mindset, movement, and nourishment.

Our goal is to guide you back to a natural state of balance and vitality through aligning with the seasons, harmonizing with nature, and tuning into the your body’s innate wisdom.

We want to give you the support you need in your journey for change. We want you to be healthy, fit, and breezing through life in a body that looks and feels great.

The breakthroughs our clients experience speak for themselves. Almost all of them meet their goal weight with ease. After working with us, some clients have been able to sleep through the night for the first time in years, and all experience increased productivity and mental focus.

We want this for you too.

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