How to make almond milk

How to make almond milk

Almond milk is deliciously creamy and healthy! However, most store bought almond milk is filled with carcinogenic fillers, is mostly water (in other words, not really almond milk), and is not particularly nutritious. 

The good news is that you can easily make it yourself! Plus, almonds are super good for you and has tons of extra benefits that you may not be getting from other types of milk.

First off, almond milk is dairy-free so it is great for those with a dairy allergy, sensitivity, or who just plain don’t like the taste of regular cow’s milk. It also acts as a complete substitute for cow’s milk because you are getting just as much protein and calcium and way fewer preservatives and additives you will find elsewhere.

Some other benefits include:

  • The almond milk helps with weight management. One cup of almond milk contains 60 calories, compared to milk that contains 146 calories in whole milk, 122 calories for 2%, 102 calories for 1%, and 86 calories for skim milk. I’m not the biggest fan of calorie counting, but if you are a calorie counter, this will give you some insight.

  • Due to the lack of saturated fat, sodium, and no cholesterol with an increased value of healthy fats, almond milk is a heart healthy option.

  • Strengthens bones with its calcium and vitamin D content.

  • Contains 50% of your daily value of vitamin E to help keep your skin glowing and healthy.

  • Has little effect on your blood sugar because almond milk is low in carbs.

  • Helps with digestion through fiber content.

  • Lactose-free!

  • It doesn’t require refrigeration so you can take it literally everywhere since it is still great at room temperature.

  • It is super easy to make yourself!

Here is an excellent, easy recipe to help you make your own almond milk!

Makes 4 cups


  • 1 cup raw almonds, soaked for 8 hours

  • 4 cups water

  • Liquid sweetener to taste (optional)

Remove almonds from the water and place in a blender. Add the 4 cups of fresh water and blend for 2 minutes or until the almonds are ground down.

Pour the almond milk into a nut milk bag over a large bowl. Squeeze the bag to allow the milk to run through and leave the pulp inside the bag.

Sweeten your milk if you desire, place it in a container and refrigerate. The milk should be good for 2-3 days before spoiling.

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