By working toward Body Mastery you are investing in your most important possession–your body. You only get one, and it is miraculous.


Mastery is often misunderstood as a goal. It’s actually a journey. It requires a state of mind that must be strengthened through continued nurturing. When you work to perform movement with precision, you’re “mastering” your body one bit at a time. When striving for good health through good food and lifestyle choices, you’re “mastering” your body one bit at a time.

While pain and gain are the common refrain in fitness, Body Mastery emphasizes the concept of nurturing yourself. While counting calories is a common approach to weight loss, Body Mastery emphasizes enjoying whole, nutrient dense foods and mindfulness as a means to a slender healthy body.

This journey includes dancing in the line between intensity and rest. Intensity is crucial to body transformation, but so is rest and relaxation. So in reality, what brings you to your best body is balance. When you use purposeful rest and relaxation you are balancing the forces of nature on your body and balancing the forces in your body.



We teach people how to move optimally. This includes teaching the art of movement timing. Have you ever run for a bus and missed it? Have you have ever missed catching or kicking a ball? Have you ever come down off a step and it didn’t feel quite right?

If you don’t reach your destination on time, you have wasted energy. If your coordination is off, you won’t complete your task. If your neuromuscular timing is off it is very easy to get injured. There is rhythm in movement and in the body. Discovering your rhythm is your personal journey in Body Mastery.

This also includes the art of movement alignment. Think of a building design. If there is just one measurement off in that design, the whole building could get thrown out of alignment, destroying its integrity, longevity, or worse, its ability to get built. The human being is similar. Each joint, muscle, and bone working in alignment creates strength, freedom, stability, speed, and space.


Truly mastering your body teaches self awareness and the ability to understand how food is affecting you. It also requires eating in a way that makes your body work efficiently so that you can get the physical results you are working on.

At Tyzen, we encourage a diet that is rich in local, seasonal whole foods. Great nutrition is the foundation for great success. We emphasize high quality protein and whole grains, healthy fats, fresh and nourishing greens, vegetables, and fruits.

We turn back to traditional Chinese science and traditions to deepen our understanding of how to eat. Inspired by the Five Element Theory, we teach our clients how to build meals based on color, taste, season, constitution, and joy.

We want your hormones to reach a state of balance and your digestion and gut to be working well so that you feel energetic and healthy.




There is a connection between our emotional state and the health of our body.

If we diligently workout and eat well, yet are miserable, sad, angry, or continually anxious, it can wear down our body to the point of destruction.

This is wisdom passed down to us from ancient Chinese doctors. They taught us that there is a direct link between our physical health and the way we think and move.

Therefore, we encourage you to fine-tune your life so that it is filled with joy, creativity, spirituality, and good relationships.

If you have ways in which you sabotage your health, such as emotional eating or poor sleep habits, we offer Life Coaching to help you declutter and start fresh.