Total Body Mastery

A VIP Platinum Experience

Total Body Mastery

Total Body Mastery

A VIP Platinum Experience

Peak Fitness + Peak Health = TOTAL BODY MASTERY. Powerful workouts, nutrition breakthroughs, and a total reboot for your heart, mind and soul, all specially tailored for your unique needs. If you're struggling with your weight and ready for a complete overhaul, this program is for you. Don't wait another second!

You can juggle your work, family, and relationships. You can continuously give your time and energy to those around you. You can do it all… but you can’t seem to lose the weight and keep it off.

You’re tired of this being an issue in your life. You’ve had enough of feeling bloated and sluggish. You’re fed up with punishing rules and confusion about what to eat—jumping from one unsatisfying diet to the next—and still not getting the results you want.

You’re here because you are ready to get off the rollercoaster. You are ready to take charge of your health and fitness. And you are ready to achieve a strong, gorgeous, and radiantly healthy body.

So let’s do this. Together.

Total Body Mastery is our signature VIP program, and the single greatest investment you’ll ever make into your body and your health. We look at the whole picture: your food, your fitness, and your lifestyle, leaving no stone unturned.

You’ll get powerful workouts, tailored for your your unique starting point, goals, and lifestyle, that will leave you trim, toned, and satisfyingly sweaty.

You’ll learn to train smart so you no longer need to spend hours in the gym.

We use sophisticated skills to refine your body, movement, and posture, and get your body moving in ways you never thought possible.

We help you ditch old habits that aren’t serving you any more. 

You’ll discover which foods give you energy, and which are weighing you down.

We show you real life strategies for putting yourself first, even amidst a crazy schedule. 

You’ll lose weight quickly and easily – just by making smart choices (instead of depriving yourself), and you’ll become gorgeous and radiantly healthy, glowing from inside out.

We give you all the tools that you need to move through life with effortless ease in a body that looks and feels amazing. These are the same tools that have worked for hundreds of our clients, and for us, so we know they’ll work for you too.


  • Instead of punishing, don’t-stop-until-you-puke workouts, we teach you how to train smart so you efficiently burn fat and tone up without having to spend hours in the gym.
  • Instead of cookie-cutter programs, we use sophisticated skills to refine your body and movement, including acute postural corrections, giving you specially designed exercises tailored for your unique starting point, goals, and lifestyle.
  • ​Instead of more rules about what you can’t eat, we let you in on a world of delectable possibilities around what you can (hint… bacon). We take the stress out eating and put the pleasure back in.
  • Instead of weighing, measuring, and limiting your portion intake, we teach you how to listen to your body so you know exactly how much food is right for you. No more complications and no more confusion.
  • Instead of conquering cravings with shear willpower, we teach you scientifically proven ways to take control of your eating habits so you’ll no longer fall victim to overeating.
  • Instead of going on a specific diet like the raw food diet, the vegan diet, the macrobiotic diet, the Paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, we teach you how to assess your body’s needs based on your own innate wisdom.
  • And finally… instead of focusing on food alone, we identify lifestyle factors that are standing in your way and support you to build positive, healthy habits that will lead to permanent weight loss.


  • Three 1 hour Peak Fitness training sessions each week
  • One 1 hour Peak Health coaching call every other week
  • Weekly eBook Guides with daily prompts, so you get chunks of information daily, making it easy to apply these principles to your life
  • Weight loss-focused meal suggestions and shopping lists to make burning fat and getting that lean, tone body that much easier to attain
  • 40 page Recipe Guide loaded with simple, delicious recipes
  • Weekly Meal Planners
  • A Simple-to-Use Food Diary
  • Food Diary email accountability (you send us photos of your food… we assess)
  • Success Manual to keep you on track and help you understand the big picture of how and what to eat
  • Stress management tools and lifestyle improvement exercises
  • Eating Out Guide
  • Superfood protocols relevant to your health
  • A monthly webinar on topics such as Sugar Blues, Mindful Eating, and Food and Mood
  • Unlimited email support during the program
  • A hand-picked selection of books, self-care tools & treats. Everyone loves gifts!


  • How relaxed you’ll be knowing you look and feel amazing
  • How confident and comfortable you’ll feel fitting into the clothes you love
  • How proud you’ll feel when friends start asking what your secret is
  • How much energy you’ll have when you drop the excess that’s weighing you down

This program is for you if…

  • You’re committed to your health, and are willing to PUT YOURSELF FIRST.
  • You’re ready to TAKE ACTION. No cajoling required.
  • You know that fear is a good sign… and that a LIFE-CHANGING METAMORPHOSIS is waiting on the other side.
  • You’re PASSIONATE and MOTIVATED. You know what success feels like… and you want more.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for instant results or a magic pill
  • You only “kinda, sorta” want to change
  • You’re skeptical about embracing your emotions or learning from traditional wisdom
  • You can’t embrace the power of the mind/body connection and weight loss

So, is it for you?

For those who say YES! we say this: Congratulations! Your life is about to change.

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