Personal Training

All our years are spent in this one body, and it truly is miraculous! We can either ignore it and get lost in our heads, or we can listen to it, nurture it, and unlock the vast wonders it has to offer.

When you train with Tyzen, you’ll learn to train smart so you no longer need to spend hours in the gym.

You’ll get powerful workouts, tailored for your your unique starting point, goals, and lifestyle.

We use sophisticated skills to refine your body, movement, and posture, and get your body moving in ways you never thought possible.

You’ll feel energized, taller, stronger, sharper, and more excited to be alive.

The best part is that you will move through life with effortless ease in a body that looks and feels amazing!

Tribe (Small Group)

Each Peak Fitness Tribe is lead by a top Tyzen Trainer via video conferencing. That’s right! You don’t have to go anywhere to train with us… all you need is to login and you’ll join your tribe and trainer LIVE. When you’re done, you get to go right back to your normal life.

Each tribe is limited to 6 people who are focused on reaching a similar goal. We use sophisticated skills to refine your alignment and movement, giving you a command of your body like never before.

When you train with a tribe, you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

Each month you get time to share your goals, celebrate your successes, and strategize how to breakthrough challenges you might meet along the way.

Getting support and encouragement from your fellow tribe members every step of the way is a surefire way to help you break through self-sabotage !

Most importantly, working out with your tribe is fun, and when exercise is fun, it’s much easier to get it done!

Get ready to laugh, sweat, and have the best body of your life!

We will be launching a new tribe soon. 

Do you have a business with remote employees you'd love to offer tribe for awesome team building and health? If so, email us at support@tyzenfit.com

Conquer Your Cravings 


This is for you if you want to lose weight, but are ready to approach weight loss and diet from a more mindful place. 

This program will guide you over the course of 12 weeks to understand which foods work best for your unique body—which foods energize you, and which zap you of energy. 

By learning the powerful stick-to-it strategies we teach you get to cleanse your body of unwanted imbalances that have been continually setting you up to fail. 

Plus, you'll get exercises that will improve your digestion, burn tons of fat, and get you feeling like a rock star meets Zen master! 

Best of all, you’ll learn how to speed up your metabolism naturally.

This program includes 12 weeks of audio lessons, recipes, action sheets, and unlimited email support as well as 12 live coaching sessions with Tysan Lerner. 

Investment: 3 Payments of $999 (or save $500 by paying in full: $2497)



Total Body Mastery

Movement + Real Food + Replenishing Lifestyle = TOTAL BODY MASTERY.

Powerful workouts, nutrition breakthroughs, and a total reboot for your heart, mind and soul, all specially tailored for your unique needs.

If you're struggling with your weight and ready for a complete overhaul, this program is for you. Don't wait another second!

Body Temple Project

In the strive for excellence, success starts with the body. It is the sacred gift we have been given. By treating it as a temple, we learn to respect it, love it, care for it, and make it shine. 

We all understand this in theory, but often times our mindless or emotional eating, our busy life, and our stress gets the better of us. 

This program is designed to get you back on track, and fine-tune the tools you need to accomplish your body goals.

Within that frame, we will focus on shifting your beliefs around food and dieting, and finding pleasure and enjoyment in the process of doing what you need to do to succeed.

Week 1: Develop strong nurturing skills that do not require more time, money, or other people.

Week 2: Set reasonable expectations, and master effective limit setting so you can have a step by step method for building your self-discipline muscle.

Week 3: Body Pride Mastery: Without honoring and accepting your body as it is, avoiding "weightism", and learning how to use our words not your weight to communicate, it is very hard to effectively lose weight without a fight.

Week 4: Great Health: in this week we will review what you are doing, and focus on fine-tuning or adding in elements to take you from good to great health.

Week 5: Balanced eating: you practice the art of eating for pleasure (the foods you enjoy, choosing foods that help you see results, actively choosing what works best for your body, and differentiating punishment from self care and needs.

Week 6: Mastery Living: By having an active, fulfilling lifestyle you get to enjoy freedom, joy and hopefulness. We finish this jump start with a refresher on making mastery living a daily reality.

Investment: 3 Payments of $467 (or save $204 by paying in full: $1197)

Thinking this program would be good for you?

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Project Underwear Model 

Are you serious of doing what it takes to look better than you ever have? 

This program is perfect for someone who is getting ready for their wedding, a photo shoot, or a major event that they want to show up to looking better than ever. 


If you are already fairly fit, and fairly healthy AND are ready to spend the next 3 to 6 months focusing on transforming your body, this may be just the right fit for you. 

We train you, we coach you, we make-over your diet, and we get you results! 

We only take on a few Project Underwear Clients at a time, so if you are serious and want to find out more, set up a time to talk to us about it by clicking on the button below.