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We've been blessed to work with so many wonderful clients! 

Read a little about their success and experience working with Tyzen.

REGENA THOMASHAUER  Best-selling Author  CEO, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts


Best-selling Author

CEO, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

I Love Working With Tysan and Zenon!

They will hear the whisperings of your body, and stand for you—standing for your best self.

They will empower you to transform your inner and outer body with easy grace.




CEO, Smart Marketer

Anywhere I am in the world, I open up my computer and I’ve got someone taking responsibility for my body.

One of the things that we can do to increase our chance of business success is to pay attention to how we’re feeling in our bodies. If you, and your staff, feel good in your bodies, you will be a whole lot more successful in your business.

In the Smart Marketer community, a lot of people tell me they have a sore neck and shoulders after sitting in front to of the computer 6, 8, 12 hours a day. Tysan and Zenon showed us exercises we can we can do right at our desks to relieve pain and reduce stress on our joints. They helped me understand the mechanics of my body, and helped me fix nagging injuries that I’ve had for years.

Training via Skype is amazing. Anywhere I am in the world, I open up my computer and I’ve got someone who’s going to take responsibility for me moving my body. The beautiful thing is that when I’m finished, I just hang up. No talking. No escaping the gym. It’s just click and I’m done.

I feel so much better and more aware of my body. If you can hire Tyzen, you need to hire them. They will make you and your staff feel better, and work better.

CARRIE FIRESTONE  Creative Director, Smart Marketer  Photographer


Creative Director, Smart Marketer


STACEY MORGENSTERN  Founder, Health Coach Institute


Founder, Health Coach Institute

CAREY PETERS  Founder, Health Coach Institute


Founder, Health Coach Institute

NATHAN PATMOR  Tech Entrepreneur  Business Investor


Tech Entrepreneur

Business Investor

ALEXIS NEELY  Lawyer, Entrepreneur


Lawyer, Entrepreneur

KC BAKER  International Speaker


International Speaker

DR LEN HOROVITZ, MD  Voted Top 100 Doctors (New York Magazine, 2009)


Voted Top 100 Doctors (New York Magazine, 2009)

CHRISTINA BERKLEY  Business & Life Coach


Business & Life Coach

JENNIFER RUSSELL  Coach, Speaker  Co-Founder, Mind, Money, & Meaning


Coach, Speaker

Co-Founder, Mind, Money, & Meaning

JEB GAYBRECK  Marathon Runner


Marathon Runner

SONYA STEWART  Social Choreographer


Social Choreographer




LAURA THOMPSON BRADY, PHD  Health Coach  Founder, The Nourished Home


Health Coach

Founder, The Nourished Home

DEIRDRE FEATHERSTONE  Award Winning Jewelry Designer


Award Winning Jewelry Designer

JENNIFER HU  Lawyer, Mother of Four


Lawyer, Mother of Four

Stephanie Dessi Kiley, Mother of 2, Occupational Therapist

Stephanie Dessi Kiley, Mother of 2, Occupational Therapist

My hips and core are now stable, strong — and best of all — pain free!

My daily experience of being in my body has changed dramatically since I began working with Tyzen.

I used to think the chronic discomfort in my hip and lower back was just a part of life for me — the price I had to pay for an active life.

After two months of training with Tyzen, I know better! My hips and core are now stable, strong — and best of all —pain free! 

I’ve also noticeably firmed up and toned up in all the right places. With Tysan’s encouraging manner, eagle eye on my alignment, precise instructions, and depth of knowledge, I leave my training sessions not only feeling stronger, but more in tune with my body and more conscious of how I move through the world.

Tysan’s training sessions are a really helpful as a tool for recovering from jet-lag, acclimating to new environments, and feeling grounded in my body. They also help me stay connected to the good habits that are so easy to let slip while on the road.

Congrats on getting started! You’re in excellent hands.

I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life…

“Strong core, tight butt, and toned arms” – That’s what I asked for and that’s what I’m getting.

I’ve been training with Tysan weekly for several months over Skype video. It’s a mix of personal training, Pilates and Yoga all bundled into one.

Her core work is killer! Love, love, love how I feel.

Even when I don’t feel like working out, Tysan gets me in the groove. I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life… and she makes it fun and easy.

I finally fit back into my skinny jeans! 

Before working with Tysan I was struggling with my weight. With my wedding around the corner, I decided to sign up for her VIP health coaching program.

I immediately saw results! My appetite and digestion improved, and I finally fit back into my skinny jeans!

Loving her work, I decided to try training with Tysan as well.

She takes me through 30 minutes of kick-ass training which not only makes me feel satisfyingly sweaty and sore, I feel more stable and in less pain!


I never would have thought I could do personal training virtually and I’ll tell you – I love it.

I’m 35, I run a company, and over the years I’ve noticed my level of fitness creep down, and my weight creep up.

I hired Tysan for an intensive 3 month combination of personal training, and health coaching over skype video and was nothing but impressed.  After 7 weeks, I had already lost 12 pounds, 30% of my excess body fat, and 2 inches off my waist.  And, best of all, I still got to eat bacon : )

Now my wife works with Tysan too, as well as a close friend, and we all talk about how convenient it is to work out from home.

I’ve worked with different trainers over the years, as well as food and nutrition people. What makes Tysan special is that she’s a lifelong student of movement. She’s studied dance, martial arts, pilates, etc. her whole life. She pays such incredible attention and has an incredible eye towards the subtle and a gifted way to push you, but in the right way. Its really amazing.

With a few dumbbells a yoga mat, and my computer, Tysan kicks my ass in just the perfect way.

I really can’t recommend Tysan enough. As a man who has been too busy to exercise most of his life, I actually enjoy my sessions, and I love the results. Thank you Tysan!


I love training with my tribe!

I heard about Tysan’s work from many of my friends, so I had no hesitation to sign up for her small group program…. And it was totally worth it! It is super fun and fast.

I love how convenient it is to train online. I get the personalized experience of training without having to deal with a trainer come to my house.

I also love training with my tribe! It has helped me feel more connected to a regular body focused routine and I’m happy about that.

Feeling stronger!


My friends train with Tyzen and they are some of the sexiest, strongest, healthiest people I know.

Tysan is a legend in my community. Some of my friends train with her and well, they are some of the sexiest, strongest, healthiest people I know. That’s what motivated me to try Tysan’s small group virtual training program in the first place.

It’s uncanny how, over Skype training, Tysan was able to see the tiniest ways I was out of alignment, and then give me corrections so I was building strength with proper alignment. That’s important.

If you’re a recent mama like me, she has a depth of background supporting women postpartum in regaining strength and losing weight you no longer may need. (I was still concerned about losing too much weight as was breastfeeding still almost exclusively when I initially started, and we just focused on strength, not anything that would burn way too many calories. Then, when my baby started eating a lot more and wasn’t totally dependent on breast milk, we amped it up. Got awesome results.)

It doesn’t matter where you are. You could be in timbuktu. If you have a good internet connection, you’re golden.

Zenon has taken me to the next level of fitness.

After 35 years of avid exercise and 8 trainers I can say Zenon is the best trainer I have ever worked with.

His knowledge and application of functional anatomy is precise and educational.

He goes beyond basic training with an emphasis on sharing knowledge not just dictating and counting.


I can’t say enough good things.

I hate working out and I won’t do it at all unless someone is here to do it with me.

I live an hour out of the city, I used to go to a gym, it was an hour into town, and it just wasn’t working anymore.

Then I discovered Tyzen, and they train me via Skype. It makes me do it, I’m really glad I do it, and it’s my little hack that makes me do something that I don’t like doing.

Tysan is da BOMB!!! She has a wonderful, complete way of working with people. She also walked me through an amazing juice cleanse.

I can’t say enough good things.


It’s like having your own personal trainer right in your living room

This group has been INCREDIBLE…

It’s like having your own personal trainer right in your living room along with a small group of people supporting and cheering you on along the way to keep you on the path and getting healthy.

Working with Tysan is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in years. Thank you!


Zenon pushes me to new limits

I am a marathon runner and a recreational boxer and training with Zenon has been an amazing experience of learning and being challenged beyond my limits in new and creative ways. 

I always feel safe and know my body is in good hands while Zenon pushes me to new limits. 

Most notably while training with Zenon I shaved 30 minutes off my marathon time.  I look forward to the challenges and care his brings to our sessions.

Seeing my tribe each week not only brings me so much joy… but also holds me accountable to show up.

I recently joined a Tribe of dear sisters who meet twice a week on video conferencing. I often thought I didn’t need to join one of these online fitness groups since I can hike, and go to yoga… yet the reality is I get busy, life gets full and my health sometimes takes a backseat.

Tysan and Zenon are a wealth of knowledge and there is so much to learn about or bodies and how to release old patterns we might be holding onto.

These groups have helped me consistently choose health and vitality as priority and been a fun way to celebrate growth with friends.

Tysan and her husband Zenon are top notch trainers who have been in the field for many years. Tysan has an incredible capacity to teach us the proper alignment, give tips and corrections on video. Yes, she can see everything and knows even when your right hip is out of alignment. I have learned so much about overall health, posture, relieving back pain, strengthening core and breathing!

I don’t want to stop! The group training turned out to be so great.

Since I started training with my Tribe, I am way stronger. Way!

Tysan is brilliant at reading bodies. She handles different tribe members’ challenges with so much grace and presence. So good! I love the combo of love/warmth energy blended with clarity and keeping things on track. And I have gotten more attention than I thought I would in a group setting.

Training in a small group has given me an affordable way to work with a trainer, and it was sweet to have this regular contact with my girlfriends.

I would recommend this program to just about anybody.


I can’t recommend Tysan enough!

I, myself, am a health coach so I choose very carefully when I seek support for my own wellness goals.

Working with Tysan has been such a gift to me. I have great energy, and my chronic lower back pain is dramatically reduced. I’ve ramped up my exercise in a way that is fun and super effective, and I’ve lost 15 pounds since we started working together 7 weeks ago.

I feel more connected to my body and what she needs than I have since I had my first daughter five  years ago. Having two young daughters and running a business makes it hard for me to stay focused  on my own health goals. Everybody needs a health coach! Tysan’s energy, spirit, and expertise have made a tremendous difference in my life.

I can’t recommend her enough!


I feel stronger, calmer and more balanced.

After a lifetime of randomness I am learning to make healthier choices, easily and I’ve already lost 15 lbs. 

I feel stronger, calmer and more balanced. 

My thoughts are clear and my life is moving with nice cadence. Tysan’s approach is holistic and leaves you with a sense of your own power rather than relying on someone to babysit your choices.


She made me feel connected to my body and soul again.

Working with Tysan has totally changed the way I think about exercise and health.  I first started working with Tysan about six months after the birth of my first daughter. The reason was like for most moms after giving birth, I had plateaued in my weight loss and was eager to lose those last 10 pounds. I also had some back pains from constantly carrying my baby. I was intrigued with working with Tysan because of her dance background, since I was a dancer myself and thought that it might be easier for me to connect with her.

I thought that I had a lot of body awareness before I started training with Tysan, but she really opened my eyes up to so many things I was not aware of about my body. Tysan also has a calm and steady energy that is amazing for frenetic new moms and moms-to-be to be around.  Also, her focus is more on overall health and well-being, which is really the most important thing in the end. This helped change my short-sightedness with just weight loss.  For example, Tysan helped me realize how pregnancy and caring for a young child had made some of my muscles asymmetric, and designed exercises to correct this, to help prevent long-term future injuries.

I became pregnant with my second daughter when my first was a year old, and continued training with Tysan throughout the pregnancy.  I had far less back and sacroiliac pain during my second pregnancy, as well as had a very smooth delivery and recovery.  Tysan taught me that there is always some exercise that is suitable for your body in its current condition, and how to listen to your body to know how much to do.

I always leave a training session with Tysan feeling more confident, standing taller, and flush with endorphins.  Now I am pregnant with my third child, and it has been a very difficult pregnancy in terms of morning sickness and vomiting.  I was mostly bedridden for 5 months, and the last thing I felt like was exercising. However, when the nausea started to lessen, I started training with Tysan, and she made me feel connected to my body and soul again.

By the way, I did lose all my baby weight from both prior pregnancies.  Now I am a month away from giving birth from having my third child in less than 4 years, and I feel confident that I will be able to physically recover well with the help of Tysan

Working with you was so instrumental in me getting thru the last few hours...

I have to thank you a ton!!  

Working with you was so instrumental in me getting thru the last few hours. The epidural was wearing off and I was so scared...

So I set my mind to tune-in, and every time a contraction came I just allowed my body to go limp and go with it!!  I pushed him out in 20 minutes. It only took  4 pushes.  

Thank you so much!


"…life as I had known it was over…."

When a friend of mine sent Tysan to my apartment for a session I was wearing a back brace, barely standing, unable to drive and in chronic pain. I had tried cortisone shots, was taking 2 Aleves a day and felt that my previous active life as I had known it was over. Tysan has given that former life back to me. It is a combination of her knowledge, compassion, strengthening exercises, soothing manner and incredible ability to target physical imbalance and help restore it. I am for ever grateful that Tysan has become an integral part of my life.”
-  E.A, Mother of 6, Teacher and Social Worker

“The body detective… A true gift”

While taking a yoga teacher training course I was fortunate to meet Tysan.  Her incredible knowledge and expertise of the human body was very clear from the beginning of the course.  She has the ability to hone in on areas of imbalance in the body and she works to create alignment.  For someone who has scoliosis, she helped me connect with areas of my body that had been ignored.   I began to refer to Tysan as the “body detective”.  She has an understanding of the human form unlike anyone I have met before.  A true gift!
- Sheila  Gordan, Acupuncturist

“…throughout 2 pregnancies and recoveries…stronger, longer, leaner and under control.”

Tysan’s holistic approach to training has given me increased body strength and awareness.  Her broad approach combines elements of Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, ballet and isometeric exercise.  Tysan has taught me how to manage my everyday aches and pains from severe scoliosis through stretches and strengthening exercises. She has also trained me throughout 3 pregnancies and recoveries. My body is stronger, longer, leaner and under control.
- Joia, Mother of 4

“My posture has never been better…”

“My posture has never been better in my 36 years as it has been since I’ve been working with Tysan. I think i’ve grown an inch!”
- Michelle,  Mother of 4

Erin Quane  NYC Educator

Erin Quane

NYC Educator

At the risk of sounding preachy, working with Tysan has changed my life and how I am living it.

I feel more empowered and she gave me the tools to feel that way. 

Although I signed up for the 90-day program, I remember being nervous it wouldn’t work. I was nervous that I would fail.  I didn’t want another diet failure. I was hesitant about having to talk on the phone every week for an hour and thought it would be awkward. It ended up being fun.

Hard work, but good hard work.  The phone call inspired me every week in a big way!

This experience has had a profound effect on my life.

To start, I gave up a serious addiction to Diet Pepsi.  I started to cook for myself! And enjoy it. I gave up caffeine and then slowly reintroduced it in healthy forms.

I lost inches!

I stopped a bad habit of eating in the middle of the night, thanks to Tysan discovering why it was happening through trial and error.  

Eating healthy is not such a mystery to me anymore. I learned the importance of a bedtime routine. And I feel more compelled to research healthy eating habits. I have a better sense of foods that make me feel good and energize me, and those to avoid.  In addition I took charge of my social life.  

I joined, joined a co-ed football league and signed up for a photography class that I have been talking about taking for years. Tysan asked me the hard questions and helped me execute plans to make things happen that are important to me.  I feel self-empowered and am much better at making decisions.  

Tysan would ask me, “ What is stopping you from making that happen?”  

I stopped and reflected on that and made positive changes in many areas of my life. My family and close friends have noted positive changes, and most importantly I have tools to keep for life that will enable me to make more positive changes.  I finished my resume. The list goes on.

And the best part about working with Tysan? I love her positive energy and spirit —it truly is contagious. I loved working with her as a health coach, a life coach and a Pilates instructor. She knows so much about the body and how it works and how to make it look and run its best. I have learned a great deal from Tysan! Including how to be a perpetually positive person, she is truly a role model. Her interaction with others is always kind, positive and non- judgmental.

The work we did helped me gain more self -confidence.

I highly recommend Tysan’s work to anyone who not only wants to lose weight, but anyone looking to make positive life changes and become healthier both in body and in mind.

At the risk of sounding preachy, working with Tysan has changed my life and how I am living it.

I feel more empowered and she gave me the tools to feel that way.  

I’ve always been a positive person, but working with Tysan reminded me that it possible to handle almost every situation in a positive light. Important to keep in mind when trying to make positive life changes including the way you look at food and when trying to make changes in your body.  

The most important thing people should know is that if they are ready and open and willing to make changes, working with Tysan will give them results they want. It is also important to note that you will learn things for life, not just temporary solutions.

I learned many anchors that I can refer to forever. Well worth the money, time and investment.

Tysan is an amazing health coach and fitness instructor. Not only will you see results, you will enjoy the journey.

Difficult to put into words what a positive influence working with Tysan had on my life!