JENNIFER HU  Lawyer, Mother of Four

JENNIFER HU Lawyer, Mother of Four

She made me feel connected to my body and soul again.

Working with Tysan has totally changed the way I think about exercise and health.  I first started working with Tysan about six months after the birth of my first daughter. The reason was like for most moms after giving birth, I had plateaued in my weight loss and was eager to lose those last 10 pounds. I also had some back pains from constantly carrying my baby. I was intrigued with working with Tysan because of her dance background, since I was a dancer myself and thought that it might be easier for me to connect with her.

I thought that I had a lot of body awareness before I started training with Tysan, but she really opened my eyes up to so many things I was not aware of about my body. Tysan also has a calm and steady energy that is amazing for frenetic new moms and moms-to-be to be around.  Also, her focus is more on overall health and well-being, which is really the most important thing in the end. This helped change my short-sightedness with just weight loss.  For example, Tysan helped me realize how pregnancy and caring for a young child had made some of my muscles asymmetric, and designed exercises to correct this, to help prevent long-term future injuries.

I became pregnant with my second daughter when my first was a year old, and continued training with Tysan throughout the pregnancy.  I had far less back and sacroiliac pain during my second pregnancy, as well as had a very smooth delivery and recovery.  Tysan taught me that there is always some exercise that is suitable for your body in its current condition, and how to listen to your body to know how much to do.

I always leave a training session with Tysan feeling more confident, standing taller, and flush with endorphins.  Now I am pregnant with my third child, and it has been a very difficult pregnancy in terms of morning sickness and vomiting.  I was mostly bedridden for 5 months, and the last thing I felt like was exercising. However, when the nausea started to lessen, I started training with Tysan, and she made me feel connected to my body and soul again.

By the way, I did lose all my baby weight from both prior pregnancies.  Now I am a month away from giving birth from having my third child in less than 4 years, and I feel confident that I will be able to physically recover well with the help of Tysan!

CARRIE FIRESTONE  Creative Director, Smart Marketer

CARRIE FIRESTONE Creative Director, Smart Marketer

JEB GAYBRECK Marathon runner

JEB GAYBRECK Marathon runner