Tysan Lerner

Tysan Lerner was a professional dancer and choreographer. She was trained in Ballet, modern dance, and classical Chinese dance.

Because Tysan was prone to injury, she spent many hours in physical therapy. Later, Tysan got mentored by master teachers in Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion System who helped Tysan get out of pain and guided her to teach others to get fit and healthy.

Tysan got certified in personal training and health coaching in the late 90’s. Later she got certified in Pilates, yoga, corrective exercise, functional nutrition, and transformational coaching and was at the top of her field teaching classes and privates in New York City.

Tysan is happily married to Zenon. They have 3 beautiful daughters and living out their dream life in the country, where they now train clients online, enjoy peaceful walks by their lake, and continue to diligently work on helping end the persecution of Falun Gong, their spiritual practice.

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